Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Chicks in Room 6

                       The chicks in room 6

Last Tuesday a woman named Jo came to Room 6 with eleven eggs. The eggs were in a red box called an incubator. She also came with a blue square called an brooder. She said "they will hatch on Wednesday or on Thursday. On Wednesday I said to Mrs Agnew, "good morning. Have they started hatching yet?" 

Then I checked the eggs in the red incubator They hadn't hatched, but later on while we were doing R.E when I walked passed the eggs, I heard something that came from the eggs. I looked at the eggs and I saw a crack on one of the eggs. I told Sulia and Laura and then they told Mrs.Agnew. 

We were excited to see them hatch on Thursday. On Thursday when I came to school I saw that some of the Room 1 and Room 7 people were crowding around the chick table. I didn't know what was going on so I quickly put my bag up on a hook and ran inside and said "Whats going on?"

I saw... THE CHICKS HAVE HATCHED! They looked SO CUTE and FLUFFY. I saw 2 girl chicks and 5 boy chicks. We were so excited to see the other eggs hatch. Later on all of the eggs hatched and now there were nine boy chicks and still 2 girl chicks.

On Wednesday (Day 4 I think) We held the chicks and one of them kept on chirping loudly. Mrs Agnew told us that they were probably feisty, and scared. Their feathers felt so soft and fluffy like wool but their toe nails looked sharp and spiky but it didn't really hurt. Some of the chicks that some of us were holding fell asleep.

Daniel and his siblings took the chicks to their home for the weekend. They were so lucky. I thought that they were just chosen to have them over at their home for the weekend. On Monday I saw Daniel and his Mom holding a box. I got really confused so I checked what was happening and then I saw that the box had the chicks in it. Zachary and Ethan came in to see the chicks. There was a blanket in the box. Then later on Daniel told me and Justin that we had to refill the chicks food, put sawdust down for their beds on top of the newspaper.

On the 30 of March Mrs.Agnew told us that the chicks were going to go to their home. I was shocked. I was very sad to hear about that. On Thursday (Last Day :C) when we were learning we saw Jo walk in. Then all of a sudden we cried out NO! Then when Jo left Sulia, Zachary,Daniel, and I started to shed tears. All of us were sad but that never stopped us from learning. We all hope that the chicks will be safe.


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