Tuesday, 22 September 2020

My Whakapapa Story - by Maddy


                   My Whakapapa Story

Hello, my name is Madelyn and sometimes people call me Maddy. I’m going to introduce my Whakapapa/Whanau to you. 

In my picture, the small green Koru on the left is my young brother, Jackson. The medium green koru is my one sister, April and the big green one is my oldest sister, Summer. 

The yellow Koru is my Mom and the tall green one with purple spots is my dad. The two yellow koru on the right are my Nana and Papa. The yellow one above and behind the blue one is my Aunty and Uncle. The three green korus on the top left are my cousins. 

The square brown box is a grave for my other Nana, my other Aunty and my kitten. My family is special to me.

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