Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Helping Others During Lent

During Lent I am going to help other people in several ways.  Firstly I am going to help Laura and Justin to speak in Samoan because they want to learn.  

Secondly I am going to help Mikey to look after God's creations because God gave them to us to look after.  

Thirdly I am going to help my little brother Jackson by giving him his bottle.  

Fourthly I am going to help my teacher by cleaning our classroom.  

Fifthly I am going to help myself by looking after our common home because it is nice for all of us to have a tidy home.  

Lastly I am going to help the Room 2 people by teaching them not to throw the bark in the playground at each other.  I am going to teach them that this is important because it may get in the eyes and their hair.


  1. Awww awesome Madelyn and yes - you are very helpful - like your sisters :)

  2. Hello there Madelyn, Thank you for sharing your writing, Helping Others During Lent. I am sure you have inspired many of your readers to be more helpful during lent. Keep up the great work, Madelyn